' dream for you is that you will grow up to be one of the meek...'


"Bill Morrison was a good friend and one of the 'gang of four' who ran the playhouse with Alan Bleasdale, Willy Russell and Chris Bond. An excerpt from his trilogy 'A Love Song From Ulster'. I read it at his funeral. Love Song for Ulster - when Anne is talking to the little one in the cot. It could be Bill talking to his grandchild. It’s Bill’s philosophy of life." Peter Gibbons

Anne’s speech to the little one.

I have a dream for you little one. That you will understand your history and the dangerous dreams that made it. And my dream for you is that you will grow up to be one of the meek. For they do inherit the earth. They have to. Because they are the ones who do not seek revenge, they pick up the pieces and put them back and build again and go on. We tell a wrong history. We tell of lunatics, or orchestrators of discord.. We tell of wars and battles and crimes and mass murder. We make heroes and villains. There are heroes. They are not sung about. They are all the people who do not join and put on a black shirt or a brown shirt or a blue shirt or claimed a higher power gave them the right to oppress their neighbour. They are the people who suffered and endured and comforted each other and refused to hate, who saw themselves as ordinary and the same, and picked up the pieces and went on. The meek. Who deserve better. But their daily acts of love and kindness are a tide. I hope you have better. That you will have no dreams to torment you. That you will see that we all of us have a choice. We can say good morning instead of passing by. We can not lift a gun, we can take back the bitter words, we can perform those small acts of love that are our own salvation.